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How to use Storpool in Vmware environments

VMware support, through iSCSI

StorPool can be used to provide highly-available shared storage to VMware environments.

This is done by attaching a StorPool storage system to VMware hosts through the iSCSI protocol. StorPool has developed an iSCSI target, especially for this purpose. It extends the standard iSCSI protocol, adding HA (High Availability), scalability (scale-out) and increased performance, through running multiple iSCSI sessions in the cluster.

This provides a faster, more reliable and cost efficient storage alternative, compared to a traditional iSCSI SAN or all flash-array, to any VMware powered cloud.

StorPool’s Advantages

Using StorPool, instead of standard iSCSI SAN for VMware environments has numerous advantages:

  • High Availability (HA): the iSCSI implementation is HA – StorPool’s iSCSI target has automatic fail-over in case of hardware failure it switches to a redundant target and ensures business continuity.
  • Scale-out: you can add many iSCSI connections, which allows the system to scale seamlessly and also increases performance with each new connection.
  • Performance: StorPool systems are extremely capable in terms of IOPS and latency metrics and this streams through our iSCSI implementation.
  • Multi-stack support: Whether you are looking to reduce vendor lock-in or you need a single solution, which can power multi-cloud environments, StorPool can help you achieve it.

Why companies choose StorPool over other VMware storage alternatives?

Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Outstanding product quality and amazing support
  • Advanced feature set
  • Scalability: starting at 3 storage servers and 10 TB usable, StorPool can seamlessly grow to petabytes
  • Flexibility of deployment and data tiering options (SSD-Hybrid, All-SSD, HDD-only)
  • Solving performance issues
  • Cost reduction or price-performance optimization
  • Reducing vendor lock-in
  • Platform consolidation and mobility: a single storage solution across multiple IT stacks – service VMware, KVM, OpenStack, containers, etc., all from a single storage platform.


Certified BOM available @ S3S

1U Supermicro Storpool storage node
7302P 16C/32T 3.0 Ghz 
128GB RAM DDR4 3200Mhz
Dual 25/56/100Gb Mellanox ethernet 
Up to 150TB Full NVMe (10 drives)

3 years Worldwide on-site service & advance parts available

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