Custom-Built Server and Storage Solutions for Service Providers

Server and Storage Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Using an improper hardware solution to deliver your (online) services can lead to downtime, expensive fixes and frustrated customers. Do you really want to jeopardize your client relationships this way? We don’t think so!

Our custom-built server and storage systems and accompanying services provide you with the technical know-how and stability you need to make sure your services are always available to your clients.

Let us take care of your servers and storage solutions. This way, you can focus on what you do best: Provide excellent services to your clients.

How do we work

We listen

To propose an ideal custom-built server solution, we want to know your answers to questions like:

  • Which service do you need a server or storage solution for?
  • Who are the end users of your service?
  • Which functional and technical requirements should your solution meet?
  • What is your budget ?
  • Do you want us to install your solution?
  • Do you want us to support your solution?

We propose a solution

Based on this information, we investigate different configurations for your server and storage systems. We also consider which other services – installationafter sales support, … – you might need.

As soon as we have found the best solution for your business, we will discuss our solution with you and we will offer you a quote .

Together we determine:

  • Which platform, technology and hardware to use,
  • Whether you need us to provide a proof of concept,
  • Whether we will deliver to you or straight to your customers,
  • Which services we need to provide (e.g. branding and support),

We assemble and test

Do you agree with our proposal? Great! Now we can start assembling your custom-built server and storage appliances.

As soon as your systems are finished, we will test them using a very strict validation protocol . You will be able to verify whether our hardware matches your software perfectly .

We ship, deploy and support

We ship your solution anywhere in the world . Depending on your location, we will ship your solution from our American or European production facilities in order to reduce your delivery time and our carbon footprint.

Did you ask us to install your hardware as well? We’re on it! Once we are finished, your custom-built server and storage systems will be ready to use .

After the installation, we can also provide continued on-site support. We provide different levels of support anywhere in the world, from next business day to 24/7 on-site support .

80% of our customers don’t get what they ask for.
We give them what they really need.

Some of our loyal partners

The Benefits of Build-to-Order Servers and Storage Solution

Optimal Service Availability and Performance

Because our custom-built servers and storage devices are specifically designed for your business, we can assure you that your clients will have the best possible experience with your services.

Our skilled and experienced assembly engineers design, assemble and support even the most complex systems. Let’s get in touch today and discover your needs.

Worldwide Delivery, Deployment and On-site Support

Our commitment to you does not stop at designing and manufacturing your hardware. You can count on us to deliver your solutions anywhere in the world, install them and provide continued on-site support.

We want to unburden you as much as possible, so you can focus on providing the best possible (online) services to your customers.

Fast Time-to-Market

Time is money. It might be a cliché, but it’s also very true, and we are well aware of that. Don’t sweat: We will do our best to assemble and ship your solutions ASAP.

Although our final delivery time depends on many different factors, we can usually have your system up and running in less than a month.