Global Deployment of Your Servers and Storage Solutions

We bring your solutions to life, all over the world.

S3S provides a detailed instruction manual with every device. But even then, the correct deployment of our server and storage solutions requires some serious technical skill and experience.

In order to ensure a flawless deployment of your solutions with clients or colleagues on the other side of the world, S3S has field engineers ready whenever and wherever you need them.

We don’t just build and ship your solutions, we also take care of the deployment of your solutions anywhere in the world.

Whatever You Need, Wherever You Need It

S3S is happy to assist you, whether your servers simply need to be racked and stacked, or whether you require an entire network setup and proper cabling.

We will make sure your servers are booted and ready to use, so you can access them and launch your software or services at your clients’ locations. We look forward to helping you wherever and whenever you need us.

80% of our customers don’t get what they ask for.
We give them what they really need.

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