Design and manufacturing

Why you need a tailor-made hardware solution

Are you a professional software development company, a cloud service provider or any other business working with large amounts of data? Then using off-the-shelf servers and data storage solutions can pose serious risks.

Your software may not run smoothly, your storage capacity may be maxed out quickly, your data may become inaccessible …

If you work with standard equipment, you will lose time and money fitting your software to the hardware, you will have to look for partners to install and support your solutions, and you will still risk suboptimal performance of your software.

Expertly crafted software deserves perfectly tailored hardware. Our build-to-order servers and storage solutions are designed to fit your software like a glove, and they come with an extensive range of services to unburden you all the way.

As a result, you may end up spending a lot of time and money on messy fixes, annoying employees and losing customers in the process.

Investing in tailor-made server and storage solutions is investing in the future of your business. We look forward to designing and manufacturing the ideal hardware solutions for your business!

Designing your server and data storage solutions

Ideally, we join you at the drawing table as early as possible in your development process. This way, we can co-create the ideal software-hardware solution with you. We can also join you at a later stage to bring your software or services to the market. This is how we work:


Before we can build your server and data storage solutions, we need to know exactly what you need. A technical pre-sales engineer and an experienced assembly engineer will listen to your requests and they will identify the best possible configurations for your ideal solution based on your:

  • software and storage needs
  • target customers or users
  • budget restrictions for building, branding and shipping your appliances

Designing Your Data Storage Solution

Once we have identified the best configuration for your solution, we determine the different hardware components we need.

We create a list of components and a unique serial number for each of these components, to guide us during the production process.

Building and Testing Your Solutions

Building the First Prototype

First, we create an in-depth manual that details how to build, install and pack your solution(s) for our team. Then we build the first prototype of your solution.

Testing Your Hardware Solution

The prototype can now be tested, either through a VPN connection, or directly in your or our lab. Through an intensive validation protocol, you can check if the prototype is 100% optimized for your software.

As soon as you are completely satisfied, we will start producing your server and storage solutions.