Global On-Site Support & Repairs

We’ve Got You Covered, Anywhere in the World

Even the best servers and storage solutions can experience hardware issues.

If you don’t fix these issues immediately, things can quickly go wrong. Depending on why and how you use your hardware, the consequences of a failure will for sure impact your company AND your clients.

Rest assured though, S3S offers global on-site support for your servers and data storage solutions.

To keep your mind free of worries we have different support models:

  • Advanced warranty replacement on assembled servers
  • Worldwide On-Site Warranty Replacement option
  • Personalized High Availability Solution for mission critical solutions
  • A 24h hotline with our on-site contracts to guarantee a quick response

Terms and conditions available upon request.

80% of our customers don’t get what they ask for.
We give them what they really need.

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