Build-to-order Servers and Storage Solutions

Tailored to Your Software – Not the Other Way Around

If you are giving your blood, sweat and tears to develop great software, you don’t want it to run on off-the-rack servers and storage solutions, do you?

If you work with standard equipment, you will lose time and money fitting your software to the hardware, you will have to look for partners to install and support your solutions, and you will still risk suboptimal performance of your software.

Expertly crafted software deserves perfectly tailored hardware. Our build-to-order servers and storage solutions are designed to fit your software like a glove, and they come with an extensive range of services to unburden you all the way.

How do we work

We listen

Before we start designing your build-to-order server and storage solutions, we listen to you in order to learn:

  • What type of application you need a solution for,
  • Who the end users of your solution will be,
  • The functional and technical requirements for your solution,
  • What your budget is,
  • If and how your solution should be branded,
  • Whether and where you want us to deliver and install your solution,
  • Whether and how you want us to support your solution.

We advise

After investigating different solutions and configurations, we sit down to discuss all your options. We will make sure you receive the best possible solution for YOUR software, not the most profitable one. We will never sell you a car when a bicycle will do, but we will never send you off-road with a city bike either.

Together we determine:

  • Which platform, technology and hardware to use,
  • Whether you need us to provide a proof of concept,
  • Whether we will deliver to you or straight to your customers,
  • Which services we need to provide (e.g. branding and support),

We validate

In case we agree to provide a proof of concept, we validate and test the functionalities of your server or storage solution. If the proof of concept was successful, we’ll meet to discuss the results.

A proof of concept is not always necessary, so we might skip this phase. However, depending on the solution you require, a proof of concept might be easy to build at little or no extra cost to you.

We assemble and test

As soon as you have placed your first order, we create a detailed manual for your build-to-order solution and assemble your first servers and devices.

As soon as the build is complete, we test your solutions through an intensive validation process, allowing you to check if our hardware is suited and optimized for your software.

We brand

We offer several branding options for your build-to-order servers and storage solutions. We can make your solutions look unique and remarkable by:

  • Branding your cardboard packaging with your logo and brand colors,
  • Personalizing the instruction manual that is shipped with your solutions,
  • Creating custom branded bezels for your devices,
  • Designing a splash screen with your logo.

We ship

We ship your solutions anywhere in the world. We have production sites in North America and Europe, so your build-to-order solutions will be assembled at and shipped from the one closest to you, reducing your delivery time and minimizing our common carbon footprint.

We can deliver your solution at your offices, but we also offer global drop shipping directly to your customers or end users. This way, you don’t have to keep stock AND your solutions reach your clients even quicker.

We deploy

Do you want us to install your devices as well? No problem! Whether you need us to simply rack and stack your servers or whether you need a complete setup and cabling… We will take care of it, wherever you or your customers may be.

When we are done, we will boot your devices and make them ready to use, so you can bring your software live immediately.

We manage your configurations and assets

As a client of S3S, you get a private webstore where you can reorder any previously built solutions with the click of a button. All parts and components used for your configuration are in stock and ready to be assembled.

We also keep an extensive log of all components and software versions used in each of your machines. In case of issues in the field, we will both know the implications on both your software and our hardware in an instant, and we will be able to act appropriately.

We support

We offer various levels of on-site support for your build-to-order servers and storage devices, ranging from next business day to 24/7 on-site support, anywhere in the world.

If you are located outside of the Benelux Union, our partners at StorTrec will handle your on-site support. As a build-to-order client, you can choose to keep us as your point of contact. You can also work directly with StorTrec.

80% of our customers don’t get what they ask for.
We give them what they really need.

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The Benefits of Build-to-Order Servers and Storage Solution

Optimal software

Our build-to-order servers and storage solutions are specifically tailored to the requirements of your software. We ensure optimal performance of your software, no matter what.

Because our hardware is designed specifically for use with your software, you will never have to worry about compatibility issues again.


Once a build-to-order solution has been assembled and tested, you can easily place repeat orders in your private webstore. Extra machines are just one click away.

Every server or storage solution you order will be built to exactly the same specifications, ensuring that it will be perfectly compatible with your software.

We will make sure that all the parts and components of your machines are in stock, so we can start assembling immediately. This will reduce your delivery time drastically.

Extra services

We don’t just design and build your ideal server and storage solutions; we also offer a wide array of services to help you provide and support your product to your clients – from professional branding over global delivery and deployment to after sales support.

This gives your company the time and focus to develop the best possible software for your clients and optimize your profit margins.