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2023 at S3S: our year in numbers 


Welcome to Server Storage Solutions. We just wrapped up another amazing year, so let’s dive into this year’s numbers.

Our year in servers, plants and people

In 2023, we build and sold over 1,500 servers, which means we’ve tightened 32,000 screws and installed 72,500 CPU’s.

Of course, this requires a lot of communication; we’ve sent you no less than 48,178 e-mails.

In total we shipped about 873,312 gigabytes of RAM to 45 countries. During this time, we unfortunately lost 75% of our plants. Luckily, the remaining 25% is made of plastic.

In 2023, we welcomed 6 new colleagues at S3S, an increase of almost 50%! We got to know them really well over 8,000 cups of coffee and 248 Mario Kart games.

Thank you

As you can tell, we really pushed ourselves this year, not only in the gym but also professionally. And we strive to go even further next year!

So, thank you for your unwavering support, and here’s to a fantastic 2024!