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Meet Jordan Malfait, S3S’s newest Assembly Engineer

3S is on fire!

Well… figuratively speaking that is.

Our two new internal sales experts had hardly settled in when Jordan took over their title as ‘newest hire’. 

Jordan is 23 years old, passionate about IT and sports, quite ambitious, and the newest Junior Assembly Engineer at S3S. Enough reason for us to hear him out.


Quick Q&A’s with Jordan Malfait

Right, Jordan. Here we are. Your first interview as a team member of S3S. Are you nervous?

Jordan: Uhm… should I?

Not at all, Jordan, not at all. Let’s start with the most difficult part.

Jordan: Uhm… Okay, I guess…

I have 5 quick questions for you, and you will have to answer them on the spot. No time to think. After each answer you will get the chance to clarify. Are you ready?

Jordan: I think so. (smiles)

Great. Here we go! Jordan, what do you prefer? Hardware or software? 

Jordan: Hardware! For sure. I have learned a lot about software in college at the HoGent, but we didn’t focus on hardware… at all! That is why I liked my internship here at S3S. An entirely new world opened for me. If you think about it, there is no good software without good hardware. Hardware is the basis of every good machine. And there is so much to learn and do with hardware. I absolutely love it. So, hardware or software? Hardware it is!

Wow, love the energy, Jordan! Here is another one: servers or storage?

Jordan: Aha, good one. I will give you a similar answer. If you think about it: storage disks are just… well… disks. Without proper servers, storage disks wouldn’t be of any use. The possibilities with servers are literally endless. There are modest servers and true beasts. I find them all equally interesting.

Nice! What about this one: RAM or ROM?

Jordan:  RAM. For the exact same reason as my previous answers. ROM has to do with software, RAM has to do with hardware. The more RAM you put in a machine, the better it will run. A bit of extra RAM a day keeps lots of frustrations away.

Okay. This is an interesting one: Do you prefer assembling or optimizing machines? 

Jordan: Assembling machines. Definitely. I like optimizing machines as well, but if you are not assembling, you can’t be optimizing, can you? I like the assembly process. That is why I am so thrilled about my job.

Cool. One last one: burn-out or burn-in?

Jordan: Burn-in. For sure! No one likes a burn-out. And I am pretty sure there is little or no chance of a burn-out here at S3S! Burn-ins on the other hand, are a daily phenomenon around here. (smiles)

Thanks for that quick Q&A round, Jordan. 


The name is Malfait. Jordan Malfait.

Tell me, who are you exactly?

Jordan: Well, I’m Jordan, a 23-year-old IT and sports enthusiast. I love spending time in the gym, running, streaming, gaming and assembling.

Did the gym here at S3S convince you to apply for the job?

Jordan: As a matter of fact, it did. When I joined S3S as an intern a couple of months ago, I fell in love with the gym here right away. I had never heard of any companies that had their own gym. To me it is heaven: I can do my exercises all day, whenever I like, and I never have to stand in line for dumbbells. I use the gym two times a week now: on Tuesdays and Fridays. Perfect support for my running exercises. Love it!

Nice! So, you joined S3S as an intern first?

Jordan: Exactly. I spent half a year here as an intern.

And why did you choose S3S for your internship?

Jordan: Well… at the HoGent we only studied software in all its forms and shapes. S3S was the only company on the internship list that focused on hardware. I was curious, I guess. And with good reason! I learned so many cool things during my internship, I totally switched from being a software lover to being a hardware geek. When Roel asked me to stay after my internship, I agreed instantly.

But you didn’t just join the company for Roel or the hardware, did you?

Jordan: I joined S3S for a couple of reasons. The main reason for me is my new interest in hardware. And I also like variation. From the moment I started my internship, not one day has been the same. One moment I am assembling a machine, the next moment I am installing an operating system, and then I am stress testing… all for different clients with different needs and different machines.

So there are no certainties here at S3S?

Jordan: Oh yes, there are. The team, for one. We are a bunch of young and not-so-young people with a very dynamic mindset. There is a great vibe and common interests on the floor, and we like to meet in the gym or in an online game. I am glad to be a part of this team.

Sweet! And what exactly will you do here at S3S when you are not working out?

Jordan: I am a Junior Assembly Engineer. I put together servers all day. If you ask me right now, I’d like to become a Senior Assembly Engineer one day and perhaps even an Assembly Lead. But let’s take it one step at a time. I like hardware more than software and sales now, so I’d like to work on as many servers as I possibly can.

Were you always a tech geek?

Jordan: Yes and no. I am a typical LEGO fanboy, and I was the kid that repaired computers for friends, fools and families. So, I guess IT has always been in my DNA. The cool thing is, I have so much more knowledge now than I had back in the days… Previously I would have gone to the store to buy a new shiny computer, now I’m saving up to build my own system. Can’t wait to start building my dream machine.

What will your dream machine look like?

Jordan: For me personally, that would be a fully water-cooled beast with crazy processors and memory, and funky colour strips to top it off. For work… who knows? We are living in a world of big data, machine-learning and artificial intelligence, so I don’t think there will be a limit to what we can and will build. We will see what comes our way, but I am sure it will be worth the while.

Most probably, Jordan! Thanks a lot for this interview and all the best here at S3S.