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Why Level27 chooses S3S as their hardware partner

At S3S, we want to unburden our clients of any hardware-related concerns. To do this successfully, it’s important that we listen to our clients’ experiences working with us. That’s why we had a talk with Thomas Woidt, CTO of Level27, and our very own Kris Vaes. Here’s what they had to say.

What does Level27 do?

Thomas Woidt: “Level27 is a hosting partner for small and large companies. We offer classic hosting services, but also manage complete cloud environments. And we also help start-ups to put new technologies into practice. So to sum up, we take away all operational concerns for companies.”


What’s the role of S3S?

Thomas Woidt: “For our own data centers, we need a lot of servers. For this, we have relied on S3S for many years. Our collaboration usually follows this pattern: first we put together a list of functional and technical requirements. Based on this list, S3S goes looking for the best solution.

Usually, their technical people will also build a proof of concept. If the proof of concept is successful, we will move to a full-scale rollout in our data centers.”

Kris Vaes: “Just because you’re a hosting company doesn’t mean that you also want to be involved in hardware. Level27 chooses to focus on their core business – unburdening their clients through good hosting – and leave the hardware to partners such as S3S. After all, hardware is OUR core business.”


What challenges does S3S help Level27 with?

Thomas Woidt: “Because of the chip shortage, our biggest challenge today is the delivery time. Luckily, S3S knows very well what is or isn’t available at any time and takes that into account when deciding on the best solution.

Also very important: thanks to S3S, we don’t really have any technical problems or concerns. They completely relieve us of these. Anyone can sell hardware, but the technical knowledge and support of S3S really makes the difference.”


Looking for a true hardware partner?

Kris Vaes: “Just like Level27, we want to unburden our clients completely: we give advice, build the hardware, and deliver, install and support it worldwide. This way, we want to be a true partner for our customers.”

Are you looking for not just a vendor, but a true hardware partner to relieve you of any hardware-related issues? Just get in touch! We look forward to helping you.