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Why You Should NOT Choose Server Storage Solutions

At Server Storage Solutions, we firmly believe in our way of doing business. But we realize that our way might not be yours. That’s why we decided to make it easy for you.

We created a handy list with 8 reasons not to choose Server Storage Solutions.


1. Do not choose Server Storage Solutions because we are cheap …

… because we are not. At least not all the time.

If money is your only consideration, then you should move along: Server Storage Solutions is not a low-cost brand. That doesn’t mean that we are always more expensive than our competitors. We often advise our clients to choose a cheaper solution than the one they ask for!

We believe in finding and designing the most appropriate reliable and high-quality server solutions for the specific situation at hand. This may or may not be the cheapest one, but it will always be the most reliable one. And in the long run, your business will profit more from the most reliable solution than from the cheapest one.


2. Do not choose Server Storage Solutions because we always give you what you ask for …

… because we rather give you what you need.

At Server Storage Solutions, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible data storage solution – in every specific situation. This means that we listen to you, research the different possibilities and propose what we believe is the best solution for your business. Even if it is not what you asked us to begin with.

Are you looking for a ‘Yes Sir’-partner that does not ask questions? Then Server Storage Solutions is not your best choice. Are you looking for an experienced partner that listens to you, challenges you and provides honest advice? Then we should get in touch ASAP!


3. Do not choose Server Storage Solutions because we carry brand X …

… because we are and will always be independent of any vendors.

If you have a preferred brand for your server and storage solutions, we will happily sit down and listen to you. But don’t get mad if we end up advising something completely different: We will have a very good reason if we do.

Server Storage Solutions is truly vendor-agnostic. We are not tied down to any brands, but rather look at your specific situation and look for the best hardware to fulfill your needs, from whatever brand available.


4. Do not choose Server Storage Solutions because we are a box mover …

… because we add tons of value.

There are plenty of companies trying to move as many boxes as they can, without providing any additional value to their clients. To each his own we suppose, but we don’t operate like that.

We aim to offer our clients complete peace of mind regarding their servers and data storage. So whether you need complex custom-made solutions, want us to deploy your machines anywhere in the world or need us to provide 24/7 on-site support? We’ve got you covered. 


5. Do not choose Servers Storage Solutions because you want your servers at your doorstep…

… because we go way further. We even ship your servers to your end users!

Shipping large pieces of equipment around the globe poses unique and daunting challenges. Rest assured though, we have lots of experience with international fulfillment.

We want to unburden you of any hassle connected to your server and storage hardware, including shipping. So we will happily ship your gear to your headquarters or international branches. And there’s more: We also provide global drop shipping to your clients and end users.


6. Do not choose Server Storage Solutions because we are a big multinational …

… because we are not! We are smart and flexible, though, and you’ll like it every step of the way.

Server Storage Solutions is NOT a big multinational company. This is not our ambition either. Don’t get us wrong: We work for clients of all sizes all around the world and we have multiple international hubs at convenient locations. But we are and want to remain a creative and autonomous partner for high-end, custom-made server and data storage solutions.

So look further if you only want to play with the big boys – we will not hold it against you. But if you would rather find a smart and flexible partner willing to do everything in its power to unburden your business and make you shine, we’ll be waiting for you call.


7. Do not choose Server Storage Solutions because we are a well-known company …

… but because our customers are fans.

Other companies spend their money on advertising, we spend our money on customer satisfaction and on establishing honest word-of-mouth marketing. Our clients do our marketing for us.

Just listen to what our customers have to say about us. If you are looking for high-quality servers and storage solutions, you will not be disappointed!


8. Do not choose Server Storage Solutions because we try to sell …

… because we don’t. We are in it for the long haul.

Server Storage Solutions will not give you the hard sell: We let the quality of our products and services speak for itself. But we do hope to become longtime partners with you. Because we feel that’s better for you AND for us.

That is why we go way beyond the extra mile to please you and dazzle you with our solutions and services, each and every day. We are in it for the long haul, and we hope you are too.


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