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Ruben De Spiegeleir joins our team as Warehouse Supervisor

Keeping our warehouse organized is essential to the success of our company. How else will we find the needle in our haystack? Luckily, we found Ruben De Spiegeleir. Get to know our new Warehouse Supervisor in this article!


Hi Ruben, nice to meet you! Can you tell our readers a bit more about yourself?

Ruben: Hi! I’m Ruben De Spiegeleir and I’m 29 years old. I studied graphic design, but ended up working as a carpenter, after following some additional training. I worked for a carpentry business for 6 years before I came to S3S.


That’s quite a career switch!

Ruben: Yes, being a Warehouse Supervisor is quite a bit different than being a carpenter. (laughs) But I love to learn new things and I’ve always been interested in computers: I love to game and in my spare time I even livestream on Twitch.

I learned about the job through Sam (Smekens, our Head of Assembly – ed.) who is a friend of mine. We were having a drink together when he told me about the position. One thing led to another and now I’m here.


What will you be doing at S3S?

Ruben: As Warehouse Supervisor, I am responsible for all deliveries to and from S3S. I receive all the parts that arrive in our warehouse, make sure they are registered and stored in the right place, collect all the necessary parts for the Assembly Engineers, …


And what attracted you to S3S as a company?

Ruben: Well firstly, there’s a great, familiar atmosphere here. When I first interviewed, I immediately received a tour of the building. And during my training, Kilian (Serru, Senior Assembly Engineer – ed.) made a lot of time for all my questions. I’m pretty sure I will never feel like ‘just a number’ at S3S.

Everything is also neat and orderly here, which really puts my mind at ease and helps keep the good atmosphere.


How do you see your future here?

Ruben: At my previous job, I was sort of at an end point in my career. But here, I see a lot of room to develop myself and my skills. There’s really a different mentality regarding personal growth here and I feel like my input is valued.

Through Sam, I also learned about S3S’s constant efforts to keep growing as a company. It’s great to be a part of all these new steps, like the move to our new headquarters. I’m looking forward to growing along with the company.

Thank you for your time, Ruben, and good luck!

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