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PRESS RELEASE: S3S and GIGABYTE launch testlab for GPU servers

S3S is launching a testlab where clients can try out high-performance GPU servers, in collaboration with hardware producer GIGABYTE. This testing environment is unique in the Benelux. Companies and organizations will get the opportunity to execute extensive tests for several days, to experience the added value of such a server for them.

GPU servers are specialized servers for AI, deep learning and other heavy workloads. Their high performance makes them very interesting for software companies and research institutions, among others. But their high initial cost makes some organizations doubt to make the investment. With the new testing environment, S3S offers them the chance to measure the return on investment before they commit.

The first system available for testing is a GIGABYTE G262-ZR0 server with two AMD EPYC Rome 7282 CPUs and four NVIDIA A100 SXM4 80 GB GPUs. Its system memory and local storage can easily be adapted to customers’ needs.

To celebrate the launch, and to provide more information on the testlab and the specific hardware configurations that can be tested, S3S, GIGABYTE and partner NVIDIA are organizing an online Boot Camp for clients from the Benelux. Sign up now via https://gigabyte-ncbu.com/events-s3s/ or info@s3s.eu and attend the webinar for a chance to win an A10 GPU!

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