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Introducing Olivier Coppens, our new assembly engineer

Server Storage Solutions is in full expansion. Over the past few weeks, we’ve hired not 1, not 2, but 3 new employees. Excited to meet them? Then you’re in luck: We’re going to introduce all of them to you on our blog.

You’ve already met operations manager Kristof. Today, we put the spotlight on our new assembly engineer Olivier Coppens. Do you want to discover why Olivier is so excited to work for S3S? Find out in this interview!


Good to meet you! Tell us: who is Olivier Coppens in a nutshell?

Olivier: Thank you! I’m 28 years old and live in Merelbeke, about 10 km from the S3S headquarters. I love video games and play drums in a grindcore band called Leng Tch’e. Watch out: it’s heavy stuff! (laughs) Making music is a really important part of who I am.

But my biggest passion has always been computer hardware: I’ve been building desktop computers for friends and family since I was 12.


Working as an assembly engineer must be a dream come true then?

Olivier: Absolutely! I recently obtained my bachelor’s degree in marketing and had been looking for an interesting marketing job for a little while. But when I stumbled upon S3S’s vacancy for an assembly engineer on Facebook, my heart skipped a beat. I genuinely didn’t know that this type of job existed in Belgium!

So I sent in my application and included some pictures of a computer I had built just a week earlier, a tricked-out gaming pc. The timing seemed too good to be true! During my interview, I explained how I had built this new computer. My enthusiasm must have convinced them, because here I am. (laughs)


Apart from the dream job, what attracted you to S3S?

Olivier: After I read the vacancy, I started scrolling through their website. Everything looked very professional to my marketer’s eye. But more importantly: S3S seemed like a warm company with a very close-knit team. And that impression has already been confirmed during my first days here at S3S.

A fun bonus: S3S has its own gym! I like to stay in shape, so I will definitely be working out here from time to time.


Speaking of your first days at S3S, how has it been so far?

Olivier: It has been truly amazing, the hours flew by in those first days! On day 1, Alin (our other new colleague) and me were welcomed with open arms. Sam gave us a presentation about the internal workings of the company, we had pizza for lunch and then we followed the other assembly engineers around for a while.

During the next couple of days, Kilian took us under his wing and showed us how to build 2 different systems, which we then copied. It was awesome to build these systems ourselves so soon!

Since then, we’ve been given a lot of freedom to explore different systems and try to build different machines. But of course Kilian and the others are always there for us if we have any questions.


What do you hope to achieve at S3S in the future?

Olivier: First, I want to soak up as much knowledge and experience as I can. I really hope to learn all the details of how each and every server is put together, but also how to boot them, check the BIOS and troubleshoot in case of errors.

I have a lot of ambition and look forward to becoming the best assembly engineer I can be. And S3S is definitely the right place for me, as they have a truly unique way of doing things: I’ve never seen a company with such a strong focus on the comfort of their customers. I think S3S has a lot of potential for growth, both nationally and internationally. And I’m excited to be a part of that story!


It sounds like you will have a lot of fun. Good luck and have fun!

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