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Why Hosted.nl Chose Storpool, Supermicro and S3S

Hosted.nl is a Dutch cloud and managed IT services provider for both small and large businesses. Through digital workspaces, virtual servers, (web) hosting and more, Hosted.nl strives to keep their customers’ websites, services and business-critical applications up and running 24/7.

For most of their services, Hosted.nl relies on software from StorPool and hardware from Supermicro for data storage. Their vendor of choice? S3S!

Hosted.nl’s Challenges

As a cloud and IT services provider, data storage is a critical – if not THE MOST critical – part of all services and solutions Hosted.nl offers. Therefore, the company needs reliable, scalable and affordable software and hardware solutions for all of their data storage.

Why Hosted.nl chose StorPool and Supermicro

Kevin Schouwenaar, Manager Professional Services explains why Hosted.nl relies on Storpool software and Supermicro hardware for their data storage needs:

“StorPool is incredibly fast and reliable: each block of data is saved 3 times! It is also perfectly scalable and their support is amazing. On top of all this, it integrates well with other platforms, so we don’t experience any performance issues.

S3S offers certified storage hardware that has been tested and proven to work perfectly together with StorPool’s solutions. It gives us everything we need at a great price.”

Why Hosted.nl chose S3S

Hosted.nl has been buying their Supermicro hardware from S3S for many years . “We buy almost all of our Supermicro hardware from S3S. They communicate well, their delivery times are good and their prices are economical.

We only had to contact their support once, to replace a defective motherboard. They were very responsive and solved our issue quickly.” says Kevin.

More information

S3S is happy to help Hosted.nl keep their customers up and running 24/7. Do you also need a hardware partner that offers smooth communication, good delivery times and great customer serviceContact us today!

We are happy to provide you with a data storage solution that meets all of your needs.

Technical details of our solution:

5 x Supermicro AS-1113S-WN10RT configured with AMD EPYC Naples 7351P 16C/32T 2,4Ghz cpu’s
50 x 7,6TB Samsung PM983 NVMe’s delivering 380TB RAW full flash storage (140TB net storage)
Mellanox interconnected with 56Gbit ethernet