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S3S Always Finds a Solution: Why Saphico Prefers S3S

Saphico and S3S: A Succesful Partnership Since 2004

Saphico delivers tailored ICT services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They install, secure and manage networks, and have a dedicated helpdesk to solve problems both remotely and on-site. They also operate their own data center where customers can rent server space.

Since 2004 Saphico has relied on S3S for their server hardware. Why? Find out more below!

Saphico’s Challenges

As an ICT partner for SMEs, Saphico often requires server hardware for their clients as well as for their data center. But every client is unique: The need for redundancy and the use of virtual machines are just 2 of the many aspects on which they differ.

That’s why Saphico doesn’t just need a hardware vendor, but a real partner that offers tailor-made solutions and advice. Enter S3S!


Why Saphico chose S3S

According to Philippe De Groote, manager of Saphico, customer service is S3S’s number 1 added value: “S3S ALWAYS finds a solution, even if you need a replacement for a discontinued part of a really old appliance. Every time we get a ‘difficult case’, we just hand it over to S3S.”

But S3S is more than just great service. “They really know their stuff: Whether we need a low- or high-end server for a small or big company, S3S can provide a tailor-made solution that fits the needs of our customer.”

Most of the times, these solutions are built with Supermicro hardware. “Supermicro offers great quality AND gives you much more options for customization than the big brands do.”


More information

We are very proud to have been a trusted partner of Saphico for 16 years and look forward to helping them and their clients in the future. Are you looking for a storage partner that offers great customer service and custom-built solutions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing you with a server solution that fits all of your needs.

P.S. want to get in touch with Saphico? Contact managing director Philippe De Groote via LinkedIn or via www.saphico.be.