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A Flexible CEPH Solution for ScreenPoint Medical

ScreenPoint Medical develops and markets AI products that help radiologists to read and interpret mammography results. By helping detect breast cancer earlier, the company aims to improve survival rates.

When ScreenPoint Medical needed a new storage solution to deal with their increasing data storage requirements, they met with S3S to discuss the details. S3S then proposed a different solution than the one they asked for.

Want to know more? Discover how S3S helped ScreenPoint Medical run more experiments in a shorter time.


ScreenPoint Medical’s Challenge

To train their AI networks, ScreenPoint Medical needs to collect and process large amounts of mammography data. So when the company reached the limits of their storage equipment, they had to look for a new solution.

With a new server that could satisfy their high need for storage space, ScreenPoint Medical would be able to deploy more GPUs. This in turn would allow them to process more data in a shorter time and train their AI networks faster.

So they reached out to several companies including S3S, explaining which server they wanted.


Our Solution

Andrea Bolzonella, system engineer at ScreenPoint Medical, recounts what happened next: “Other companies just sent us a quote, but S3S wanted to know what we were going to use the equipment for. We sat down with them and they listened to us. Then they advised us a better solution than the one we asked for.”

S3S advised ScreenPoint Medical to choose a CEPH solution. “We believed that this server would provide them not just with the storage space, but also with the flexibility they needed. Eventually, they agreed and ordered the storage solution we proposed, together with some specialized GPU compute nodes to increase their data processing capacity.” according to Roel De Frene, CEO of S3S.


The Results Are In

Thanks to their CEPH solution and GPU compute nodes, ScreenPoint Medical can train their AI networks significantly faster. The new equipment enables them not just to run more experiments, but to do so in a shorter time. “My main goal was to make our researchers happy”, says Andrea. “Nobody has complained since we started to use the new server.”

Along the way, S3S also helped ScreenPoint Medical with some other things, like a broken tape drive and a broken cable. “Both had nothing to do with the equipment S3S had sold us, but they helped us out anyway. They even rented us a new tape drive while they had ours repaired”, concludes Andrea. “We were looking for a hardware supplier, but we found a true partner.”


More information

S3S is proud to assist ScreenPoint Medical in improving breast cancer survival rates. Do you also need a partner that listens to your needs and always looks for the best solution, even if it is not the one you asked for? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with a tailor-made solution that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Technical details of our solution:

3 x Supermicro 6019P-ACR12L+ with 12 x 14TB HDD, 2 x 7,6TB NVMe (500TB RAW HDD / 45TB RAW NVMe SSD)
2 x Supermicro 4029GP-TRT2 with 8 x RTX 2080i GPU cards 100Gb ethernet connectivity
1 x Mellanox SN2010 switch