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Using a 128-bit Filesystem Syneto Storage has no limitations of volumes, raid sets or capacity. It uses software defined raid sets like mirrors or parity. Thanks to the checksum technology this offers end-to-end data integrity and a self healing mechanism. The data is being written based on copy-on-write principle, offering the ability of instant snapshotting and cloning without consuming physical capacity. The Hybrid pool features enable you to make benefit of the SSD technology to accelerate your traditional diskpool. Syneto is also offering a built-in hypervisor which allows you to run your virtual machines inside the storage infrastructure, simplifying your environment and lowering your TCO.

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Storage Scheme
"We were able to easily integrate the Ultra Series array into our existing storage environment. The result has been a dramatically improved infrastructure with much faster retrieval times and significantly increased productivity. Syneto has allowed us to reduce administration times from several hours per day to just several minutes."
Philippe De Groote, Founder of Saphico ICT
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Syneto Storage Arrays

ARK Series

ARK Series

The ARK Series is designed from the get-go to act as an on/off-site snapshot replication target. The SmartSnap data recovery technology inside the ARK Series allows recovering data from a disaster and be up and running in a matter of minutes. Easily expandable anytime by adding more drives or JBOD expansion units.

ULTRA Series

ULTRA Series

Built with performance in mind. The Ultra Series offers huge performance boosts by using FlexPool technology with fast, flash-based read/write acceleration layers. VirtualUnity allows complete integration with Vmware infrastructures. The Ultra Series is equipped with PowerCluster technology so that multiple Syneto storage arrays can be linked together to form a high availability cluster.



The Extreme Series seamlessly handles thousands of virtual desktops, hundreds of thousands of IOPS and varied workloads generated every day. It delivers over 340K IOPS consistently and easily expandable with FlexPool technology by adding bigger flash drives or JBOD expansions.

Storage OS

Powered by Storage OS

Syneto Storage Arrays are powered by the
revolutionary smart filesystem Storage OS,
developped by Syneto's software engineers.

Easy to use with a friendly UI and 24/7 support.

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